Saturday, November 12

I don't need you to forgive me over these tears I've cried for you. That's the only reason you forgave me. I don't deserve this..
I don't need anyone to wipe these tears. These tears are tears for the bad I've done. There's no point trying to make things good, in the end, we're all seen as the bad one.. I don't deserve you or anyone. And it answers to why I've lost you!

Friday, December 3

Forgive my lack of consistency,
What's been going on?
Nothing much, been loading movies I've not watched before and awesome cartoons.
I've also been day dreaming, picturing myself with my girlies under one roof; really excited bout that.

2 years, we've been together for 2 years.
It only feels like few months.
You don't bore me although sometimes you make me sad/angry pushes me a step away from you.
Its been 741 days together.
No, there were no gifts/roses.
Just really nice Japanese dinner for the two of us.
I guess this is one of our best achievements in maintaining the relationship.


My hatred towards you hasn't stop growing.
Most of the time I give in to you because he told me to.
We've been through a lot.
Yes, you've helped me and been there for me.
And I pushed you away.
But you never apologise for one big mistake you did.
And for that, I shan't forgive you.
It's been a year.

Sunday, November 28

Welcomed baby Alayna on the 10.10.10

Ethan's bigger now. He's so smart n cute.
Such a darling..

Okay, I'm kinda new at this again.
I don't really know what to blog about.
A whole lot of what's been happening or to write based on my emotions?
I just feeling like writing.
Shall start now...

Well, firstly, I'm most probably going Adelaide by late Feb.
Gotta get my confirmation letter, Med check up, Visa done and I'm off.
This year, will be celebrating New Years in Langkawi.
Other than that, mmm.. will post pictures of
events during these few months of absence.

Dinner date w 3 other couples

Last presentation
Farewell dinner w classmates
Paul's departure
Ah Kong's Bday
Holiday w his fam

Kak min's bday
Photobooth w ivy, joee n pariah

Malacca w loves

House 'cooling'

Scrapbook day

Thursday, November 25

As we looked up in the sky,
I had my head on your shoulder,
We watched hours pass by,
Our hearts grew fonder,
Tears in my eye,
The screaming grew louder,
Baby baby oh my,
Will we ever be forever?
Howdy ho,
I haven't been blogging in a while.
Doubt that I have anymore readers :(

Wednesday, January 27

I wanna make a change.
Be it emotionally or physically.
Although I've already made few changes,
I don't think it has changed me.

What do I want to be when I'm older?
I really don't know.
Perhaps a journalist or a photographer or a card designer or just an ordinary housewife of a rich man (lol)
I never had an ambition since young.
Nothing I really want to be or envious of.
May be, perhaps, I just want to be me.


Wednesday, December 2

I miss my baby nephew!

Tuesday, November 24

Novemeber 22nd, 2008.

As I stare blankly up in the sky, I watch my sadness wash away
I reached down my pocket and took my phone out,
Trying to capture every good moment I have now with you.
I watch the birds fly across the sky,
the clouds moving so slowly, passing us by.
Then came a storm, I held your hand so tight,
I didn't want to be harmed, because I knew you'd keep me safe,
safe from all my fears.
I touched the ring on my thumb, spinning it round and round.
Then I realize, that nothings ever gonna harm us.
I'm safe with you and you help took away all my fears.
Cheers to our achievement for coming this far.